Timbaland Lawsuit Against Blackground Records

Posted by Dagmar; Mar 25th, 2009, 9:07pm

Timbaland has gone from a successful performer to a successful producer. His success has made him so popular that his own people want to put a stop to it.

Timbaland has filed a lawsuit against Blackground Records stating that Blackground Records went out of their way to contact multiple record labels and bad mouthing Timbaland’s song producing talent.

To top it all off, Timbaland also claims that Blackground Records stiffed him out of money. Because of these claims Timbaland wants out of the contract as well as some damages that are not speci


2 Responses to “Timbaland Lawsuit Against Blackground Records”

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  2. Blackground Records had small indie artist Danian’s Gonna Rock Your Body clip banned from You Tube for Copyright infringement when they had absolutley no basis or grounds for doing so, shame on Blackground Records if Background Records thinks they have any case of Copyright infringement on any song show it to us!!!!
    This song was written & produced by upcoming indie producer Darrin Phillips of Flow City Records Canada in 2008 and Blackground records has no proof of any copyright infringement.
    Are they threatened by a little indie label and artist? maybe because Timbaland left them they’re scared of lacking sales.

    I encourage Blackground records to contact me if they truly feel they have any kind of claim!

    D.Phillips – Flow City Records

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