Featured Blogger: Tone Capone of Hot 97FM

I was invited to come speak at Harvard University… Yes, “The” Harvard University in Cambridge Massachusetts on Saturday March, 14th 2009! Thank you Licia Harper and the Harvard Law School (BSLA) Black Students Law Association; for bringing me out there, it was an Honor to speak in front of our future lawyers, politicians, executives, teachers, entertainers and entrepreneurs’, that this ICONIC institution pumps out every so often. I’m glad I got the opportunity to inspire and share my story with these students, that were so engaged and interested in what I, and other panelist, singer, songwriter and producer Ryan Leslie http://www.ryanleslie.com as well as my good friend and http://www.pmpworldwide.com and Danity Kane, Co-Exec. Producer and former Bad Boy Entertainment executive Conrad Dimanche had to say and share with them; about our journey and success in the Music Business. I met a lot of wonderful, enthusiastic and motivated young visionaries who share, some of the same dreams and hopes we all have in life. To be happy doing something me, we and you love! A lot of these students thanked me for coming to there school and speaking to them… but I want to let them know that, I thank them for showing me that our future is going to be a better place for the sacrifices they are making in empowering themselves with KNOWLEDGE.


My friend Kevin Powell gave me a book, when he came on our Hot 97FM Street Soldiers, radio show on Friday 3/13/09, which he wrote with some other prominent authors, activist and friends called the “Black Male Handbook”. And below is an excerpt… APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE!

Please believe there is nothing you cannot do.

Remember you are the architect of your life.

The possibilities are limitless.

You are magnificent.

You are brilliant.

You are already wealthy beyond measure.

You don’t ever have to quit – because there is nothing you cant do.

You can take risks relentlessly to create the life you design. The only thing that will limit you is the capacity of your imagination.

Carlos “Tone Capone” Acosta
Taken from: The AMAZA Show!


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