Harvard Law School Goes Hip-Hop?

Published: Thursday – March 5, 2009
Words by Miles Bennett

Harvard Law School’s Black Law Student Association (BLSA) and The Hip-Hop Entertainment Law Project (HHELP) are set to host a mini-music seminar next weekend, aimed to help high-risk teens earn jobs within the music industry.

Held at Harvard Law School on March 14, 2009 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., the seminar is called “The Bizness behind The Business!” This year’s panel will include respected music executives, Conrad Dimanche of Bad Boy Records and Tone Capone of Universal Motown; a nationally recognized independent artist, Adrian “607” Tillman; and an experienced juvenile re-entry associate, Najja Campbell of The Learning Club of Toledo.

The participating panelists will discuss the importance of staying in school, staying out of trouble, and how to pursue a career in the music business, in addition to a short question and answer session.

The event is part of BLSA’s 26th Annual Spring Conference, which is dubbed “The Fierce Urgency of Now: Effecting Change at Home and Across the Globe,” taking place March 13 – March 15. The Conference will feature several notable speakers such as New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, Donna Brazile, and Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie.

The HLS BLSA chapter is the largest BLSA Chapter in the nation. It exists for the support, guidance and direction of Black students in academic, professional and social endeavors. The HHELP was created to combat the devastating effects the School to Prison Pipeline has on inner-city youth. It uses the music industry and hip-hop music to motivate students in school. It was also created to give minority law students the opportunity to pursue careers in the music industry.

For more information on the music seminar or the HHELP and BLSA, visit thehhelp.com and/or HarvardBLSAConference.com.


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