About the Hip Hop Entertainment Law Project

The Hip Hop Entertainment Law Project (HHELP) was created to:

1.  Stop the School to Prison Pipeline using the music industry to motivate high-risk teens to do well in school.

2.  Provide minority law students with opportunities to pursue careers in the music industry through artist education and empowerment.

HHELP Goals:

  1. Educating inner-city youth on the business behind the Entertainment Industry
  2. Introducing high-risk inner-city youth to careers in the music industry
  3. Providing a realistic career track program for teens who want a career in the music industry.
  4. Motivating students in school.
  5. Closing the generational gap controversial music has created to form a collective fight against the gap between generations to create a collective fight against the School to Prison Pipeline.
  6. Providing career opportunities for underrepresented law students in the Music Industry.
  7. Assisting artists and groups that find themselves in precarious business situations while simultaneously showing them the key role their knowledge of the business plays in whether or not they succeed in the music business.
  8. Using seminars, symposiums, and clinics to teach artists the importance of implementing and maintaining ethics along with integrity in their business dealings.
  9. Educating artists on the important role an understanding of legal contract terms plays in their ability to properly develop a viable financial plan during and after their career.
  10. Stressing to artists the importance of seeking legal counsel before signing contracts or making any agreements.

  11. For more information about HHELP please visit www.thehhelp.com


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